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Foreskin Stretching Research Article

Over the years, lots of questions have been raised about whether foreskin stretching is an effective treatment for phimosis. Is it better to just go ahead with surgery or is stretching actually worth doing.
Surgery is of course quite a simple procedure, so why not just do it, heal, and forget the problem? Unfortunately surgery is never without its complications and many would consider as a last resort. There is an initial risk of infection, and risk of tearing if an erection occurs too soon following surgery, amongst many other potential problems, but perhaps the most significant long term problem is the possibility of erectile dysfunction.
A recent study showed that men who have undergone circumcision are 4.5 times more likely to exerience erectile dysfunction, and there is considered to be a 75% loss in sensation following the surgery. This may not cause concern now, but in future it could cause significant distress in your life.
So, is stretching worth trying?
An experiment by He Ying & Xiu-hua [1991] investigated the effects of using a stretching device for the treatment of phimosis in 512 males.
The results of the study showed that using the device which gave a gentle uniform stretch of the tip of the foreskin was successful in treating phimosis in 509 out of the 512 participants.
The results strongly support the use of stretching as a method to resolve phimosis.
So, it makes sense, whether you use our product or not, to consider stretching as your first choice!

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