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Foreskin Stretching Instructions

We advise that you undergo a check up with your doctor prior to performing foreskin stretching, to ensure that the foreskin and frenulum are healthy and no underlying condition is present.
The kit is designed for adult use only, and as such, it reflects the sizes which are most likely to suit the majority of those suffering from the condition. We advise against the use of our foreskin stretcher products with children.
You may need to begin with the smallest stretching ring or begin with one of the larger ones. It is important to find a size which is comfortable to begin with, as inflammation may occur if excessive stretching takes place. Stretching is a gradual process and will require your commitment.



Foreskin stretching guide to resolve phimosis

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Please Note: Some sizes have a channel to prevent impairment of blood flow to the frenulum and to prevent the frenulum from pushing the rings out of place. This is essential with some sizesEnsure to fit these rings with the channel at the bottom and facing inwards


Foreskin stretching exercises explained


Ensure to begin with a small ring until you know which size is comfortable. Wear for 30-60 minutes while you continue with usual daily activities, then remove, wash ring with soap and water and store in the case provided. Apply a small dab of the provided skin stretching cream to the end of the foreskin and massage in.

Ensure that you are not in too much discomfort, you should feel a stretch, not pain. If you do not feel a stretch, use a larger ring.
You may need to encourage the ring to revert to its circular shape when fitted (it is essential that it remains circular and not folded when fitted).
The penis and stretching ring should be kept clean and dry. The ring should be worn frequently (3 times per day for 30-60 mins), but ensuring enough rest to allow time for the skin to adapt without inflammation. The ring must be removed before sleeping, and a small amount of skin soothing cream should be applied. If the foreskin feels sore, apply the provided cream and do not wear a stretching ring until this has subsided.
After 3 - 4 days of the above (or when you do not feel a stretch), it is now necessary to move up to the next size ring with the same procedure, and again every 3 - 4 days, providing that the increased size is comfortable.
As previously stated, resolving phimosis requires commitment from you. The time taken to progress to full foreskin retraction varies depending upon the size of your foreskin opening to begin with, and many other factors such as skin elasticity, however the approximate duration is 4 weeks.
Please also read the 'Additional info' page for further stretches which can be performed daily.
The optimum end result, is a foreskin which is able to glide over the glans without discomfort. The action of passing over the glans regularly during sexual activity and washing is the natural action which prevents tightness of the foreskin when the phimosis treatment is complete.
If the phimosis occasionally reoccurs, the rings can be worn intermittently to help prevent contraction.
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