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How we Developed the Leading Phimosis Stretching Products

Phimocure was established in 2010, following a review of current products and processes to resolve phimosis. We considered that the phimosis solutions available were inadequate and expensive, so began to research what would make the perfect product to resolve the issue conservatively and safely. Our brand is trademarked, and has built a reputation for supplying the best product to resolve phimosis and avoid surgery.
With a dynamic outlook, we have created evolving principles, led by the fundamental objectives at the centre of our business model: To provide the best, home based solution for adult phimosis, at a price affordable to all. 

Our commitment to our objective has been illustrated in various healthcare recognition events in recent years. The most recent being the Private Healthcare Awards 2021, where Phimocure was again, awarded 1st place as the 'Best Phimosis Treatment Solutions Provider'.

By adopting a dynamic business strategy, we have been able to help countless men worldwide to resolve extremely common and unpleasant penile phimosis. As we have ongoing product development, we often find new ways to further optimise the foreskin stretching process, and any new advancement in our phimosis kit, is made available free of charge to all previous Phimocure customers. The products produced by us, are always manufactured to be completely safe, to ensure that you are able to cure your phimosis quickly without compromising safety. The nature of phimosis products requires extreme care in the manufacturing process, to ensure that products are non toxic, inert, and non porous. 

Phimocure Injection Moulding Machine, in a clean, well lit room

We are often asked questions about phimosis and the use of stretching products, and thankfully we are backed by many years of experience in this field. Some frequently asked questions are:

  • Are phimosis rings effective?

Phimosis rings can be extremely effective if the foreskin is healthy. It is crucial to adhere to the instructions however, as the stretching process can not be rushed without causing irritation and inflammation. If this occurs, the efficacy of the phimosis ring is significantly reduced. It is normal to follow a process of 1 size increase of phimosis ring, every 2 to 3 days.

  • Can you leave phimosis rings in overnight?

No, this is not advisable. The foreskin stretching process requires a period of rest following the stretch, to enable adaptation without causing irritation. Leaving the phimosis ring in overnight will inevitably cause inflammation, and potentially damage the dermis of the skin.

  • How can I stretch my foreskin to open?

Foreskin stretching requires patience and an effective daily stretching regime. The stretching can be performed manually by pulling the foreskin inwards towards the shaft, holding a stretch, then release and repeat 10 times. This should be performed daily unless foreskin irritation exists. Always avoid retracting fully if there is a risk of the foreskin becoming stuck behind the glans. Alternatively, phimosis rings can be fitted which prevents the need for manual stretching, and allows you to objectively measure progress.

  • How do you fit a phimosis ring?

Phimosis rings are fitted according to their size. For small sizes, gently pull the foreskin towards the shaft to expose the phimotic band. Next, insert the small phimosis ring at 45 degrees then twist until the inner rim is inside the foreskin. For larger sizes, expose the phimotic band as before, fold the phimosis ring into a heart shape, insert the rim and release slowly so that 1 edge of the phimosis ring is inside the phimotic band.

We know how unpleasant phimosis can be, but it does not have to be a lifelong aggravation. Historically, medical principles have favoured a surgical approach, but as a result of our ongoing successes and education, we have provided an opportunity for choice.
The fundamentals of Phimocure will remain, and we will continue to support adult men throughout their phimosis journey. 

Read more about phimosis, or take a look at our products.

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