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Are our phimosis rings safe?

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Yes absolutely! But we say this with an important caveat!

There is good reason for the way that our kits are designed. It would be easy to use basic designs, moulds, and materials without R&D. But of course this would be completely inappropriate on our part.

Recently, we have received numerous emails from individuals who have required guidance for problems following their attempted use of Phimocure copies. Sadly this has proven to cause longer term issues for some, as it has resulted in apparent ischemic neuropathy.

You are here to resolve your phimosis, and naturally, you wish to do so with a non surgical method. Foreskin stretching is a process which can not be rushed, and attempting to cut corners, buy poorly designed products, and viewing the foreskin as an unimportant part of the male anatomy, will inevitably lead to problems. We would advise anyone considering to use non genuine Phimocure rings, or home made devices to resolve their phimosis, to avoid acting on these plans, and discuss their phimosis treatment options with their doctor.

The foreskin is not just a useless piece of skin, it is extremely specialised, consisting of a double layer of keratinised and dekeritinised skin, and two layers of muscle (peripenic muscle). The frenulum connects the foreskin to the vernal mucosa, and due to the abundance and type of mechanoreceptors, it is considered to be the most sensitive part of the penis to fine touch. As a result, the frenulum plays a significant role in sexual pleasure and the ejaculatory response.


The foreskin is only attached to the penis at its proximal point, so it is crucial to ensure that blood flow is not compromised distally. As progress is made towards the large phimosis ring sizes, and nearing resolution of the phimosis, it is essential to have a recess for the frenulum. You will notice that this provides a comfortable fit, however the main objective is to prevent ischemia of the frenulum and distal region of the foreskin.

Phimocure phimosis rings are manufactured from a progressive firmness material, enabling the extra soft, small twist fit sizes, to be simply pulled to remove, without risking damage to the foreskin. The sizes are progressively firmer, achieving a perfect balance of safety, comfort and function. The provided cream assists with foreskin health, helping to reduce bacteria, and creating homeostasis until the phimosis is resolved.

At Phimocure, we believe that you should always treat your body with the respect that it deserves, so any physiological dysfunction requires a well considered action plan.

*We have one authorised seller on eBay providing genuine Phimocure items.

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