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Phimocure was established with the objective of designing a product to stretch the foreskin of individuals suffering from phimosis.

Male phimosis is the medical term relating to tightness of the foreskin. This problem is very common and can result from many factors including a small buildup of scar tissue, which due to its reduced elastic properties, prevents retraction of the foreskin over the glans penis. The result can be very painful, often preventing a comfortable sex life, and preventing normal daily washing behind the foreskin.

So what happens when we stretch the foreskin? When the stretching ceases, the foreskin can quickly return to its normal state, and on some occasions, the stretched skin can then heal with less flexible scar tissue. To perform an effective stretch, the foreskin needs to be held in a stretched state for a longer period to promote adaptation and limit contraction. This leaves us with a problem, as we are unable to spend long periods every day maintaining a manual stretch, so the alternative is to use stretching devices to perform the action while we go about our day to day activities.

Phimocure set about designing a product which would be comfortable enough to wear, yet would provide the optimum amount of stretch, and could be increased in size when the skin has adapted to its new state. We had an additional objective of ensuring that urination could be performed without having to remove and re-fit the rings. Crucially, we believed that the product should be soft and flexible, as the high sensitivity of the foreskin and glans would be easily irritated by hard materials, which could also potentially affect blood flow due to deformation of capillaries. With these factors leading our planning, we developed a series of soft medical grade flexible rings, to provide an optimum resolution to phimosis.

We are now confident to say that our product is highly effective in stretching the foreskin in only 2-3 sessions of 45 minutes per day, in the comfort of your own home.

We are proud to have received very positive feedback from our customers, with considerable reassuring support from medical practioners also. Our business model is led by the objective to resolve phimosis safely and effectively.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this site is not intended to be a substitute for a professional medical evaluation or diagnosis. We encourage all individuals to undergo a medical assessment prior to using our products. 

Whilst we endeavor to provide true and accurate information, our products may not be suitable for all individuals, and the end result may vary. Testimonials shown on this site relate to optimum results achieved, and do not necessarily reflect the results which you will achieve.

If you have found the product to be unsuccessful, please email us at admin@phimocure.net to claim a full refund.


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