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Phimocure Foreskin Stretching Products

Our phimosis products are specifically designed and manufactured to treat phimosis.  Using a super soft medical grade flexible material, they provide a comfortable, yet secure fit, which ensures flexibility during activities, and prevents any restriction in blood flow. They are specifically designed to be worn in the foreskin, so safety and comfort are assured.

Large foreskin stretching ring, with frenulum channel

Phimocure phimosis rings have a design with a dual flange to prevent the rings from slipping out of place, whilst providing a secure, gentle stretch

Phimocure phimosis rings have been designed to accommodate smaller sizes into the centre, so should you have any difficulty moving up to the next size, you can fit a comfortable ring, then push a smaller size into the centre to increase the outer diameter slightly.

As it would be impossible to fold small rings to fit them, we have developed a design to allow a simple twist to fit. You will notice that they are manufactured from a softer grade material, which allows them to be pulled out to remove, avoiding any risk of becoming stuck and ensuring safety and comfort.

As the sizes increase, the material becomes firmer to prevent the rings from falling out when fitted.

Larger sizes have a frenulum channel, which is extremely important to avoid any risk of reducing blood flow to the tip of the penis, foreskin, and frenulum.

This also accommodates those with a short frenulum as it prevents the rings from being pushed out of place.

Phimosis rings infographic, with small 3mm size, to large 41.2mm

Complete with a stainless steel manual foreskin stretcher / ring remover, and skin stretching cream, the Phimocure tight foreskin cure has everything needed to resolve phimosis at home.

Phimosis stretching products to fix a tight foreskin
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