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Phimosis Related FAQ

We are aware of some internet forum posts and blogs, offering advice on how to use the Phimocure kit, and although this may be useful to some, we discourage taking advice from those without appropriate medical and product knowledge. Individual success from a method to use a product can be misleading and can prevent the successful use of the kit.

If you have a question which is not listed below, please email


How many rings are supplied in the kit as standard?


The kit contains 20 phimosis rings, a stainless steel manual stretcher, and hypoallergenic skin conditioning cream to promote improved skin elasticity and skin health.


What sizes are the phimosis rings, and will they be suitable for me?


The starting size is 4mm diameter, and the final size is 41.2mm. All rings increase by a percentage of the previous size, a 20% size increase from ring 1 to 2, to 7% from ring 15 to 16.

This allows a more linear progression, and means that the incremental steps are only between 1.5mm to 2.3mm, which is suitable for most users. 


Can I wear them for a longer duration than advised/overnight?


No, we do not advise to wear them for long periods, as a continuous stretch of the skin for long periods without rest will cause infllammation which can slow the process. The foreskin requires stretch and rest to allow suitable adaptation.


I've reached a plateau and can't seem to progress to the next size


Occasionally for a small number of users, the foreskin becomes stubborn and resists progression to the next size. This will usually resolve, it is important to remain persistent and keep the skin healthy (application of gentle daily moisturiser can help - always check the label before use).

Try taking a bath or shower, perform 10 minutes of manual stretches, fit the current size being used, and push a smaller ring into the centre to allow a smaller increase in size - eg. if you were unable to progress from ring 10 to 11, fit ring 10 and push ring 7 into the centre, to increase the outer diameter slightly, until you are able to fit the next size.


My phimosis has gone, but do I need to wear the rings intermittently to prevent it from returning?


If the foreskin is being retracted regularly during washing, and during sexual activity or otherwise, this is the natural stretching action which will usually prevent the phimosis from returning.


How do I keep the rings clean?


The rings are manufactured from a similar latex free material to that used in the teats of baby bottles, so we advise to use baby bottle sterilising tablets/liquid. This can be purchased from most supermarkets and is very inexpensive.

We do not recommend using harsh chemicals or an autoclave as this can damage the rings.


I find them uncomfortable to wear


The rings are manufactured from a very soft material which most users will find comfortable. If you feel soreness/pain/numbness, it is likely that you are wearing a ring which is too large. Take a rest for a day or 2, and reduce the ring size until you feel a comfortable stretch.


I have scars from previous splits in my foreskin, will this work?


Scar tissue is usually less elastic than healthy unaffected skin. It is very important to modify the aggravating activity which has caused the scars (commonly sexual intercourse and masturbation, so lubrication is useful). Early in scar formation, elastic properties are very low, but as the dermal collagen and elastic fibres are replaced and realigned during the remodeling phase, elasticity will usually improve and allow stretching to take place. It can take many months for the remodelling phase of scar formation to be complete, so it is important to modify behaviours if you are to commit to resolving your phimosis with stretching. Read more


Will the Phimocure kit resolve my foreskin tightness?


If your foreskin is healthy, and your phimosis is not caused by a vascular impairment or Lichen schlerosus or other illness, the success rate is very high, to the point that we are able to offer a full refund if you are unable to fully resolve it. The logic is simple, the kit stretches the skin, so provided that your skin is capable of stretching, it works exceptionally well.


I was making great progress but I've lost my current size phimosis ring, do I need to buy a complete kit again?
No, just email us at with the subject title 'Lost Item' and we will help.
Can I wear the stretching rings during sexual intercourse?


No. Under no circumstances should you do this. Remove the stretching ring, and thoroughly wash away the skin cream prior to sexual activity.

Why and how do you keep the price so low?
When the business was founded, we adopted the objective of providing a solution to treat phimosis, and making it available to all individuals irrespective of their financial situation. This has allowed those from poorer economic climates to avoid circumcision without a significant financial outlay. We believe that the significant expense of some products is unjustified and creates a barrier to treatment. As we have our own dedicated product designers, we can minimise production costs as much as possible.
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