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Phimosis Cure

Foreskin Stretching with Phimosis Rings

If you are uncircumcised, and have difficulty retracting your foreskin, or your foreskin does not retract at all, it is likely that you have phimosis. Phimosis can occur from childhood, or following injury such as from aggressive retraction, or even following a short bout of inflammation (balanitis).

In those with phimosis, the tip of the foreskin is tight, and we refer to this as the phimotic band. As the width of the phimotic band is usually quite narrow, this provides a perfect opportunity to use a foreskin stretcher to passively dilate the problematic region, to the point where it has to adapt. Historically, phimosis was treated with circumcision, as it was believed to be the only option available to completely cure phimosis. Thankfully, following significant research in recent years, phimosis foreskin stretching is now considered to be the leading modality, by both the patient and the medical professional.

A diagram showing phimosis foreskin stretching

Image 1: Showing severity of phimosis from severe level 5, down to mild level 1

What are Phimosis Rings?

Phimosis stretching rings were invented by Phimocure, with an objective to resolve a tight foreskin without needing to have circumcision surgery. Many years later, we are proud to be able to say that we have developed the leading phimosis cure, to help countless men avoid circumcision with the simple daily use of our phimosis treatment kit.

How the foreskin stretching products work.

If you stretch skin to its limit, mechanotransduction pathways are activated, which in turn leads to cell growth and the formulation of new cells. The rings are worn for short periods every day, and during this period, mechanical stretching and adaptation is occurring at cellular level, increasing mitotic activity and promoting the synthesis of collagen, which can usually result in the phimosis being cured. When the foreskin rings are removed, the skin then has an opportunity to rest from the constant mechanical stress, and this helps to prevent irritation. Throughout the period that the individual is suffering with phimosis, it is important to prevent irritation, and subsequent inflammation.

Why we need to prevent inflammation.

When the body senses harm or irritation, it initiates a biological reaction to counteract it. As a protective mechanism, the body will produce an immune response to eliminate the cause of the inflammation by clearing out damaged cells, and attempting to initiate repair. During this response, vasodilation occurs, along with increased permeability and blood flow, which leads to tissue edema (swelling). This protective mechanism is of course essential to our lives, however in some circumstances, such as in mild irritation, it can prove to be excessive, and can counteract the foreskin stretching process, so it is crucial to use foreskin stretching products with adequate rest between sessions. It can be useful to apply an anti-inflammatory cream to the tip of the foreskin, whilst the stretching regime is underway.


The phimosis cream provided by Phimocure, is specifically manufactured to help to provide greater foreskin elasticity, and contains Aloe Vera to help to limit inflammation.
If we can keep the foreskin healthy, you have an excellent opportunity to resolve the tight foreskin with our phimosis stretching kit, in the shortest duration possible. The time taken for the phimosis cure will vary depending upon the severity to begin with, but progress is made at approximately 1 ring size increase, every 2-3 days when used correctly for approximately 60 minutes, three times per day.

It is important to ensure that larger sizes of phimosis ring have a recessed area to prevent frenulum damage and inflammation. Our phimosis rings have a frenulum notch which meets this requirement, ensuring that you can wear the rings in comfort and safety. The large rings are fitted with the notch down and inwards, to allow the frenulum to sit within the notch comfortably.

Phimosis Ring frenulum notch, showing the recessed area of the ring to improve comfort and safety
What does a Phimocure Foreskin Stretching Kit Include?
  • Our kit includes 20 phimosis rings, sized from 3mm to 41.2mm, a stainless steel manual stretcher and ring extraction device, and phimosis cream to help to improve the health of the foreskin.


  • All of our products have been manufactured specifically to resolve phimosis in the safest and quickest way, and are unique to Phimocure. 


  • Phimocure phimosis rings are produced from incredibly soft medical grade flexible material, which begins at the softest and most stretchy at size one, gradually increasing in firmness and thickness to size 20.


  • Small sizes have an innovative design, which allows them to be twisted to fit, and as they are extremely soft and flexible, they are simply pulled out to remove. 


  • Mid sizes are produced with optimum wall thickness and are double flared, to provide, an easy fit, and a secure, comfortable fit.

  • To enable faster location of the next size to progress to, the rings are produced in white, then light blue, then dark blue, then repeat. So you can just leave them in the case and choose the next size easily.

Phimosis ring colours, starting at white, light blue, then dark blue

  • Larger sizes are produced with a crucial frenulum channel. As we discussed previously, it is critical throughout the stretching process, to prevent inflammation. As the larger sizes begin to place greater mechanical stresses on the foreskin and frenulum, the design of the phimosis rings has to be anatomically optimised, to ensure that blood flow is not impaired, and the comfort requirement of the wearer is met.


  • The manual foreskin stretching and ring extraction device, is manufactured for Phimocure from high quality pressed stainless steel. It is a very handy item to pre-stretch the foreskin before moving up to the next ring size, and can be kept on hand and used for a short duration when it would not be possible to fit and remove the rings. With the smaller sizes of stretching rings, it can be used to grip the edge of the ring to remove, if dexterity is an issue.


  • All of our products are sold with a lifetime warranty, so should you misplace or damage an item, we will replace it without charge.


  • International shipping to all countries is provided free of charge, and all items dispatch within 48 hours.

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