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Additional foreskin stretching tips.....

To assist in the action performed by the rings, it can be beneficial to also perform a manual foreskin stretch every day.
TIP 1: Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier every morning to stretch the foreskin as shown in the image. The stretch should be held for 60 seconds 2 or 3 times, and it should not be painful.
TIP 2: When moving up a size, during a bath or shower, perform the above stretches, then fit the increased size ring.
The immersion in warm water promotes skin elasticity.
Your long term objective should be to enable the foreskin to pass over the glans (head of penis) without discomfort. When this is achieved, the action of the foreskin passing over the glans during sexual activity or washing will promote natural stretching.
Foreskin stretching; how to perform daily stretches to resolve phimosis
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