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Phimosis Stretching to Resolve Your Tight Foreskin

Our highly effective, award winning phimosis kit includes 20 sizes up to 41.2mm, a stainless steel stretcher, and foreskin stretching cream, to stretch the foreskin safely and comfortably in only 2 - 3 sessions of 45 minutes per day. This can avoid the need for circumcision, and can quickly help to restore natural function. 

Phimocure Phimosis Rings Fitting Guide
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The development of Phimocure Phimosis Rings

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Do You Have Phimosis?

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Phimosis can frequently cause pain and discomfort when the penis is erect, and has a negative impact on the sex lives of many men throughout the world. It can prevent appropriate daily washing leading to reduced self confidence, and due to impaired hygiene, can be the cause of frequent candidiasis infections.

Severity of phimosis is shown on the following scale:

  • Level 5: 0% Glans exposure

  • Level 4: 10% Glans exposure

  • Level 3: 50% Glans exposure

  • Level 2: Almost full glans exposure but unable to retract fully

  • Level 1: Full foreskin retraction, but foreskin is tight behind the glans

phimosis levels showing grades of phimosis, from severe level 5 to mild level 1

Thankfully, irrespective of the level of severity, stretching can be used to resolve the issue for most individuals provided that suitable techniques and good practice are adopted. Historically, circumcision was considered to be the only way to resolve phimosis, but as modern technology has progressed, we have developed a far superior, and less invasive method to resolve the issue, without needing to resort to surgery.

How to Resolve a Tight Foreskin


Our home foreskin stretching treatment is incredibly effective for all levels of phimosis, and we are so confident, that we offer a full refund if you are unable to completely resolve it.


1. Fold Ring

2. Push into the foreskin

3. Wear for 45 minutes

Phimosis or Paraphimosis?

These are terms which are often (incorrectly) used interchangeably.

Phimosis refers to a tightening of the foreskin which prevents, or limits the ability to retract over the glans. It is generally divided into physiologic and pathologic phimosis. 

Physiologic phimosis refers to a tight foreskin from birth, and for the majority of individuals will resolve during normal development. For some however, the phimosis will continue into adulthood. The average age of the first, full foreskin retraction is considered to be 10 years old. To attempt to stretch the foreskin or force retraction during childhood can cause damage, as the glans is still commonly attached to the foreskin at a young age.

Pathologic phimosis refers to later onset foreskin tightness, often due to inflammation or infection. This is commonly corrected with foreskin stretching exercises. 

Both types of phimosis can usually be resolved with foreskin stretching, even when scarring is evident - read more about foreskin scarring here

Paraphimosis is often confused with phimosis, but is entirely different. Paraphimosis relates to a tight foreskin getting stuck behind the glans following forceful retraction, and as this can constrict the blood flow, it is considered an emergency.

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